It’s time to face facts.  High electricity costs take a large chunk out of your budget.  SolarNRG Philippines can help you reduce your electricity bills. We are all about giving power to the people.

From small residential projects to large scale industrial setups, we are committed to providing you the best solar solutions in the nation.  With our solar panels, you will be more comfortable looking at your electricity bill in no time.

Our parent company, SolarNRG Netherlands, is one of the largest solar companies in the Netherlands.  Established in 2003, they have an impressive portfolio of projects across Europe, specifically in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France.

Backed by a recognized leader in the solar panels industry, we are confident that we can take on any installation. Large or small, we can handle it all.  We provide top-of-the-line solar panels and inverters that are a breeze to install and even easier to maintain.

Our Management Team

SolarNRG Philippines

Mike M. Consenheim

Country Manager


Mike Consenheim has been part of SolarNRG Group in the Netherlands since 2009, and moved to Manila 2013 with the purpose to establish SolarNRG Philippines. Mike has a MSc. Master’s degree in International Business and Strategic Management, and has been active in the Solar industry for over 5 years now.

Joseph T. Pascual

Chief Financial Officer


Joseph Pascual is a Director at Jater Development Corporation, SolarNRG’s local business partner. Jater owns multiple buildings in Metro Manila and hotels in North Luzon, and partnered up with SolarNRG Group to establish SolarNRG Philippines in 2014.  Joseph has over 15 years of experience in Real Estate Development and  Construction.

Marco van Veen

Director, SolarNRG Netherlands


Marco van Veen is Chief Executive Officer at SolarNRG Netherlands. Marco has been active in the Solar industry for 14 years. He started SolarNRG in 2003, and has successfully grown it to one of the largest regional Solar players. With over 80m Euro annual revenue and 100MW total installed solar panels, Marco continues to drive growth and success of SolarNRG.

Need more information? Inquiries? Please drop us a line at (02) 994 5628 or 0999 741 4621