All over the Philippines, more households are choosing renewable energy solutions. With our smart solar solutions, keeping your electricity costs to a minimum is a breeze! You can even gain credits back from your utility distributor if you produce more energy than you consume.

The Philippines has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest energy rates worldwide.  This makes it extra challenging for any business to keep operational costs low to maximize profit.  SolarNRG Philippines delivers turnkey solutions to help you realize maximum savings for your business.  Tapping into solar power resources can help any business organization enjoy sizeable financial returns while remaining environment friendly. You can even earn a little extra from any excess power that you produce.

The SolarNRG Group has worked with numerous large scale projects across Europe.  That makes us confident to handle large scale solar power requirements. Let SolarNRG Philippines help you make an impact on both your profit and the environment.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is one of the leading solar energy solution providers in Canada and across various first-world countries. They operate via a conglomerate network of subsidiaries based in different parts of the world.

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Ying Li Solar

Solar panel systems from YingLi Solar, are some of the best in the industry. SolarNRG leverages solar panel technology provided by YingLi to provide quality solutions for its customers.

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Growatt is an acclaimed photovoltaic inverter manufacturer company. They provide some of the best inverters that convert solar energy into usable electricity for homes and businesses.

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SMA is a leading german company providing cost-effective solar energy solutions in a wide variety of applications. From households to remote installations, they have worked tirelessly to innovate and make possibilities for their customers.

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SolarNRG Netherlands

SolarNRG Netherlands is the parent company of SolarNRG Philippines. They cater to household customers and wholesale applications such as those found in industries and business complexes that require a larger scale of solar energy solutions.

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