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Solar vs. Nuclear: Which Is the Best Carbon-Free Energy Source?

As the global climate crisis continues to rise unabated, the world slowly realizes that our use of non-renewable energy sources, such as natural gas and coal, plays a significant role in the worsening problem. Countries are now scrambling to build infrastructure for alternative renewable energy sources as they try to become part of the solution.

9 Signs That Your Solar Panels Need Repair or Replacement

It’s worth noting that there are factors that can contribute to the quick deterioration of solar panels, such as cataclysmic weather disturbances or poor maintenance. If you wish to avoid solar panel replacement and make your system last longer, make sure that you give your solar energy infrastructure its required protection and upkeep.

11 Factors That Greatly Affect Solar Panel Efficiency

However, the efficiency of solar panels is not solely affected by the material they are made from. Several other factors can also determine how well these devices work. These are essential aspects to learn when planning a solar panel installation on your property.