Solar Panel Cost Calculator

The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia with the highest electricity prices, relatively high compared to global standards. Sadly, this is because of the country’s huge dependency on fossil fuels and an uncompetitive market structure. As a result, many rely on kwh calculators designed for the Philippines to gauge the financial burden on energy costs.

Recent trends show that investing in solar panels can have a lot of benefits to your finances and the planet. Not only is solar able to help the environment, but it also allows you to generate your own power and become independent from your local commercial grid. You’ll no longer need to check your costs on Philippine electricity calculators.

With solar panel installations, there are some common questions you’ll probably ask—“How much will it cost?” “How much space do I need?” and “How much will I save?”

Using a solar panel calculator for the Philippines, you can determine the recommended solar panel system size that can address your energy needs. Our Philippine energy calculator can also show you how much savings you’ll earn from installing solar panels. Through this, you can gain a better estimate of your return on investment and its timeframe.

Try out our solar panel sizing calculator to see what solar panel size is best for you! You may also check with our solar energy savings calculator to determine how much you will save once you go solar with SolarNRG.

The amount of kW the entire system can produce at its peak and the total number of panels it takes to produce that energy.

An amount of energy equal to 1kilowatt sustained over 1 hour, this is around the energy it takes to run an medium sized airconditioner for 1 hour.

The price of solar has been steadily going down over the last 20 years as technology has been improving and manufacturing techniques have become more efficient, the average price is now Php 50,000 per kWp or lower in some cases for entire installed solar power systems.

As many as you can fit on your roof! Check out our solar calculator to see the ideal kW size that fits your needs based on your electric bill.

We examine your power usage, and target between 40-60% average monthly savings to get the ideal system for you!

Going solar has never been easier, send us a message to start doing your part in reducing our species carbon footprint; our team will reach out to help you harness the world’s cleanest and most abundant free resource today!