Solar Panel Cost Calculator

The Philippines has one of the highest electricity prices in Southeast Asia and is regarded to be relatively high compared to global standards. This is largely due to heavy dependence on fossil fuels and an uncompetitive market structure, putting a heavy financial burden on many Filipinos.

Thanks to solar energy, saving money on electricity bills while doing your part in taking care of the planet has become an attractive option. These are the main reasons why investing in solar panels is a sound decision. You’d be able to tap into the renewable energy of the sun, generating your own electricity independent of the commercial grid.

When it comes to solar panel installations, two of the most common questions you might ask are, “How much will it cost?,” “how much space do I need,” and “How much will I save?” With this solar panel calculator, you’ll be able to determine the recommended solar panel system size capable of addressing your energy needs, at the same time showing you the amount of money you’ll be able to save from its installation, as well as the return on investment timeframe.