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Seeing The Solar Light: Why SolarNRG

solar energy

The key to a greener planet is now in your hands. The SolarNRG group has 11 years experience in the solar industry. We are capable of handling any project- from small residential installations to industrial-scale solar power systems.


We build our solar systems with durability and performance in mind. Our solar panels can withstand the harshest conditions and can last for over 25 years.

Excellent Customer Service

solar panel systems

We value our customers like we value the environment. Our network of expert solar installers will guarantee you fast installation to minimize disruption. We also stand by our work long after we have installed your panels.  In addition, we conduct yearly inspections and maintenance checks to keep your system up and running.

Fastest Return

content-image-4We at SolarNRG Philippines are staunch believers in getting your money’s worth. Your SolarNRG system enables you to get your investment back faster, effortlessly, and practically risk free. With the amount you save on your electric bill, it is easy see how your investment is working for you. Watch as your solar power system pays for itself.

Power Your Life With Sunlight


It’s free

The sun is nature’s ultimate power supply.  Solar power systems allow you to harness the free sunlight for your electricity needs.

It’s clean

Using solar power has zero impact on the global climate.  Solar power reduces your carbon footprint dramatically.   Conventional power plants release tons of greenhouse gas and other hazardous wastes.   These emissions are extremely toxic, posing a serious threat to our environment.

It’s infinitely reliable

The sun’s energy is virtually limitless.  The sun has been around for billions of years and is likely to continue burning for billions more.  You can generate electricity to be used or stored as long as you have sunlight.

It saves you money

Using solar power allows you to use less electricity from your utility company.  By reducing your grid-based electricity consumption, solar power can dramatically reduce your electricity bill.  You can even receive rebates on your electricity bill if you produce more solar power than your consumption.

SolarNRG presently operates in these countries:

    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Spain
    • France
    • Philippines

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