Solar power can bring significant changes in consumption costs. The savings can benefit countries like the Philippines, whose electricity prices are often unmanageable for consumers. A recent study discovered that solar had enabled the nation to save $78 million in fossil fuel costs, roughly ₱4.42 billion, despite comprising only 1.7% of power generation.

Several regions in the Philippines plan to replace standard street lights with more efficient and eco-friendly solar lighting. The national government is also committed to providing incentives for solar companies, expediting the shift toward renewables.

Interested in knowing more about the advantages of using solar power on your property? You might want to consider the best solar lights in the Philippines.

8 Best Solar Lights in the Philippines

When investing in solar energy, the following lighting fixtures may be ideal for your home.

  • Auoyo Solar Step Lights

Auoyo Solar Step Lights are a practical addition to your porch, decks, and walkways. They work up to 12 hours after an eight-hour charge, providing consistent lighting throughout the night to minimize tripping risks. 

On top of that, each device is also waterproof and has an IP65 rating to guarantee performance even in heavy rain. This device is the ideal investment if you’re looking for long-lasting options to improve the safety of your home.

  • Plextone Security Solar Light

This 800-lumen option is perfect as a security system. It has three moveable heads, which you can point at a wide area—up to 270 degrees—for maximum visibility. Plextone Security Solar Light also has a sensitive motion sensor triggering 128 bright LED beads when it detects movement, even at night.

One of its best energy-saving features is its ability to automatically switch off if it doesn’t see any activity after 30 seconds, conserving its power reserve.

  • GDPlus System Kit Solar Light

Want a more flexible setup? This kit features an independent solar panel. Since it isn’t directly attached to the bulbs, you can use it to charge your phone and for similar purposes. GDPlus System Kit Solar Light includes a 4500mAh lead acid battery, three 90-lumen LED bulbs, and charging wires. As such, it’s an ideal setup during unexpected power interruptions. 

Additionally, it can run up to eight hours on a single charge and is ideal for extended use.

  • Ookas Solar LED Light

If you want to brighten your yard, consider getting Ookas’ solar street light. It has a remote control to switch lights on and off. It also features a motion sensor to turn them on automatically when it senses movement. The system can operate up to 15 hours after eight hours of charging, allowing you to light up an area for prolonged periods.

This setup also allows you to adjust its brightness settings via multiple options⎯such as 60, 100, 200, 300, and 400 watts⎯making it a suitable choice for most lighting needs.

  • Gold Star Solar Ceiling Light

You may incorporate solar lighting indoors, too. Gold Star Solar Ceiling Light is among your options for a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to traditional indoor lighting. It offers five brightness levels and includes a solar panel and an LED bulb that lasts up to 24 hours on an eight-hour charge. 

It also has a remote control for manual switching, but you can set it up to turn on at certain times of day for fuss-free lighting.

  • IMUTO Ceiling Solar Light

IMUTO’s Ceiling Solar Light functions indoors and outdoors, even in bad weather. It includes a solar panel and a bulb with a 4000mAh battery capacity. You don’t have to turn on the device manually because its motion sensors automatically start the system when it detects movement. 

To round it all out, this offering from IMUTO features a time setting and a multi-function remote control for a decorative setup you can conveniently achieve.

  • Philips Solar Flood Light

Floodlights illuminate fields, gardens, and other expansive outdoor areas, but diverting power to the bulbs is often challenging. Fortunately, Philips Solar Flood Light eliminates much of the wiring and uses less electricity while giving off similar brightness—up to 3,000 lumens.

If you’re in the market for one of the best outdoor waterproof solar lights in the Philippines, this product from Philips is the way to go. It features light sensors, timers, and dimming features and uses high-quality materials, so you may place this solar floodlight in areas where heavy rain and strong winds are common problems for lighting setups. 

  • Bosca UFO Solar Light

Need a ceiling light to brighten up a large space? Bosca’s UFO Solar Light is the one you’re looking for. This option reaches 1,000 watts for up to 15 hours on a single charge, making it one of the most powerful setups available. Its placement is also flexible; attach it to a wall, ceiling, or pole in a spot that needs bright lights. 

Thanks to its remote control, you can use timers to turn it off automatically or set it up to switch at certain times of the day.

Save the Planet and Your Bills with Solar Lighting

As electric prices continue to rise, it’s more important for homeowners like yourself to start taking advantage of energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives.

Fortunately, solar lighting solutions can solve this problem. While some systems may need upfront investment, they’re worth your money in the long run and an excellent way to play your part in conserving Mother Nature.

SolarNRG, a leading provider of solar panels for homes and enterprises in the Philippines, can help you start harnessing the sun while cutting down your electricity bills significantly.

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