In a constantly evolving corporate landscape, where businesses seek innovation with responsibility, solar power shines as a cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution. Commercial solar power adoption leads the charge toward sustainability, reshaping how companies like yours operate.  

You’re in the right place if you’re considering switching to commercial solar power. This blog explores the why behind the solar energy transition among business organizations. It also covers solar power benefits, including cost savings, environmental friendliness, and long-term resilience. 

What is Commercial Solar Power?

Commercial solar power is the energy businesses use to generate electricity. They typically install solar panels on rooftops, ground areas, or carports to capture sunlight and convert it into usable electricity through photovoltaic technology.

The following are the differences between commercial and residential solar power:

Commercial solar power

Residential solar power

Energy production and efficiency

Produces more energy due to larger-scale installations and optimized systems Tailors energy production to household needs

Installation process

Typically requires professional installation due to larger-scale projects and complex electrical systems Professional installation is simpler and quicker due to the smaller scale

Target customers

Large-scale businesses and organizations

Homeowners and rental properties
Location Rooftops, ground areas, or carports of commercial buildings or land

Rooftops and ground areas of residential properties

Number of PV cells

70 Photovoltaic (PV) cells or more 60-65 PV cells
Color White

Black, blue, or white

Size Typically 78 in x 39 in or bigger to meet higher energy demands

Traditionally, 65 in x 39 in or smaller based on an individual household’s energy needs 

6 Benefits of Solar Power for Commercial Use

Switching to solar power can deliver immediate and sustainable value to your business. Here are some benefits of tapping solar power for commercial use.

1. Aids in reducing environmental harm

As climate change worsens, seeking sustainable options in key aspects of managing a business, including electricity, is more critical than ever. Using clean, renewable energy means reducing your carbon footprint while powering business operations cost-effectively.

For reference, the industrial sector in the Philippines consumed around 28.84 thousand gigawatt hours of electrical energy in 2022. The industry comprises 25.7% of the country’s total electricity consumption. With solar power, you can decrease reliance on fossil fuels and other conventional energy sources often associated with price volatility and environmental concerns.

2. Demonstrates awareness of social and environmental responsibility

Based on recent studies, many consumers still want to support brands or buy products that promote and practice eco-friendly or socially responsible campaigns, regardless of price.

The conscious decision to choose solar power represents positive social and environmental responsibility values. A proactive stance in these areas can lead more customers and employees to trust and support your business, strengthening your brand and positioning yourself as a leader in corporate social responsibility.

3. Becomes fully energy-independent

Switching to commercial solar power means you’re no longer dependent on traditional utility providers for electricity. With clean energy on-site, you can control your energy supply and avoid the risk of disruptions and price fluctuations.

This move keeps your operations running smoothly and protects you from sudden price increases in electricity. Ultimately, it sets your business up for long-term operational stability and cost savings.

4. Improves your business’ eligibility for certain government incentives

One of the biggest advantages of turning to commercial power is that it potentially qualifies your company for various government incentives, such as tax credits, grants, or rebates, which can help offset your initial investment in solar infrastructure. These incentives encourage investment in renewable energy technologies, speeding the shift to a low-carbon economy.

For instance, with solar power, you can benefit from an income tax holiday (ITH) for the first seven years of commercial operations. Following this period, your ITH privileges will transition to a 10% corporate income tax rate, compared to the standard 30%.
Significantly lowers operational costs

Did you know the Philippines has higher electricity prices than its Southeast Asian neighbors? Consequently, your operational costs may also increase.

With renewable energy, you can reduce your electrical overhead by 75%. These cost savings can directly impact your bottom line, freeing up resources for other strategic investments and initiatives.

5. Long-term financial gain

Although there may be upfront costs associated with solar installation, the regular savings on energy bills and the potential for increased property value can result in significant financial returns over time.

Ultimately, you can achieve a more predictable and sustainable financial outlook for the future with lower energy costs and a hedge against electricity price volatility.

6. Potential for a strong return on investment (ROI)

Commercial solar power is a worthy investment because of its energy savings, incentives, minimal maintenance, and customer support. Plus, it’s the next best step as the rest of the world starts shifting to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Additionally, favorable ROI makes solar power more appealing financially. Going solar enhances your competitive edge and opens more opportunities for strategic business partnerships.

Illuminate Your Business with Commercial Solar Power

Switching to commercial solar power is a practical, laudable business investment. From reducing your carbon footprint to earning a high ROI, this type of renewable energy can help you survive and thrive in the long run.

SolarNRG, a reliable supplier of commercial solar power for businesses, can help jumpstart your green energy journey. We have over two decades of industry experience, providing business and residential customers access to clean energy.

Inquire about our commercial solar power services.

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