Out of all the available renewable energy sources, solar power has firmly established itself as one of the best. The sun can provide enough energy to cater to the planet’s power needs. Unlike other energy sources, like fossil fuels, solar energy is not expected to run out soon, benefitting more people in the long run.

As awareness of the increasing climate change issues spreads, numerous countries are becoming more willing to tap into solar investments, especially the areas under an energy crisis. But apart from providing power to your homes, there are other practical and more creative ways to use solar power.


6 Other Practical and Less Common Uses of Solar Energy

You can use solar energy for many different practical applications. Several businesses today are making good use of it through solar panel investments. Here are some examples you may not know about in utilizing the sun’s power: 

1. Invest in solar glass

Solar windows make it easier for any company to convert sunlight into renewable energy. Solar glass functions like solar panels when generating electricity but allows light to pass through while blocking out harmful ultraviolet radiation. It can help industries with larger buildings or skyscrapers efficiently generate power.

Solar glass can also help cool the temperature of a room by reflecting and absorbing the sun’s rays while simultaneously controlling glare.

2. Drive safe with solar-powered roads

Another way to use solar panels is to integrate them with road construction. At night, the panels can light up on their own to help provide better vision for vehicles. During winter, these roads can also stay clear of ice and snow thanks to the power generated from the solar panels.

Having solar-powered roads can help passing drivers and introduce safety features on expressways and open roads. If there’s any excess power, it can be directed to a generator and provide extra energy to power cities and homes.

3. Fly high with solar power 

In 2016, an aircraft covered in solar panels successfully flew a 25,000-mile trip around the world for one year. The plane had the wingspan of a standard Boeing 747 while maintaining the weight of the average SUV.

In terms of its applications, using solar power has become a significantly cheaper and more flexible way of flying compared to traditional jet-fueled flights. Future applications may also imply a solution to aircraft satellites and their limited lifespan.

4. Cool down your internal building temperature 

While your solar panels absorb sunlight, they can simultaneously help cool your building. The panels act as a physical barrier that reduces heat energy absorbed by the roof of your infrastructure. They can help you cool surrounding areas as well, just adjust the panels and reflect light away from your direction.

Combined with solar glass used in windows, you can significantly lower the temperature of any structure that also uses solar panels up on its roof. Your building will be more energy efficient by using less electricity on air conditioning, especially during the summer months.

5. Stay warm with solar-powered fabrics

Small and flexible solar filaments can be stitched directly onto the fabric of your clothes to provide sufficient heat. This style is common in coats, jumpers, and shirts that are meant to keep you warm.

Alternatively, manufacturers can use this fabric to help provide heating in car seats. As a portable energy source, you can also use it as a charger to power your phone and other electronics. Solar ribbons are woven into the fabric to collect and store energy, with a socket sewn strategically into clothing to charge your device.

6. Generate solar energy at night

The University of California announced that it made a new type of solar panel that can generate power during the night. This innovative solar panel catches infrared light generated by thermal gradients between the atmosphere and the solar cells.

While it can only produce around 25% of solar energy that daytime panels provide, the extra electricity generated can still benefit many industries. It can potentially become a long-term solution to lowering energy consumption during nighttime.


Reach for the Sun 

Switching to renewable sources, like solar energy, can be more advantageous because it eliminates the need for imported fossil fuels. It helps minimize the effects of global warming and provides better solutions for the ongoing energy crisis. For many countries, it has also been a great way to lower energy costs while creating better opportunities for economic growth.

While making the switch is a huge step for some, investing in solar can give you more benefits in the long run. It’ll help your company tap into an eco-friendly renewable energy source while maximizing operational costs. If you’re ready to start investing in solar panels for business, you can reach out to our team at SolarNRG to learn more about our products.


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