Switching to solar energy is beneficial for both the environment and commercial businesses. In recent years, there has been a 71% increase in interest in sustainable goods worldwide. Because of this, customers are more likely to patronize your company if you show support towards this growing trend of saving the planet. 

While investing in a solar panel installation can be a big decision to make, the benefits most certainly outweigh the costs. The choice to go solar can significantly bring down your energy expenses and tax liability. It also serves as an opportunity to reduce waste production and help combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Others may find the switch to solar alternatives daunting, especially since it can feel like a massive change. But rest assured that there is no need for you to worry about deciding to go solar.


9 Tips to Prepare You for Going for the Big Switch to Solar

There are numerous reasons why going solar can be beneficial for your business. But before you can experience any of its advantages, you need to prepare your facility for the big switch. Here are some tips you can consider before getting started on your solar power installation.

1. Check if the structure is suitable for a solar panel installation

Not all rooftops are ideal for supporting solar panels. Before you schedule your installation service, take a look at the condition of your facility and determine if any repairs need to be taken care of first. You can also take note of the size, shape, slope of your roof and find out the best places where sunlight will hit best.

2. Determine the amount of energy required

Depending on the number of solar panels you need, the energy you generate can vary. Before the installation process, you will have to determine how much electricity your facility or home consumes and needs for daily use. One way to get an estimate is by referring to your previous electricity usage for the past year or so. 

3. Find out if you will need to install batteries

Solar batteries can add another benefit and more security to your investment since you can access stored electricity if the power goes out. But because this is also an additional expense, one may not always be needed if you still plan to stay connected to the grid.

4. Determine and prepare the area where the installation will be set up

Choosing the best location for your solar panel installation can maximize how efficiently you generate power. Look for a space free from objects that can obstruct the path of sunlight. 

Ideally, this should face the sun’s direction and be fixed at an angle where it can absorb solar energy effectively during the day. 

5. Do your research on solar incentives

Solar incentives are a type of rebate program that allows you to reduce the upfront cost of your solar panel installation. This can be anywhere between tax holidays to duty-free importations of equipment. Depending on where you reside, different programs may also be available.

6. Set a budget

The upfront cost of solar panel installation can be a big financial commitment. However, it is important to consider all the elements involved and find a reliable provider with reasonable prices. This will allow you to get the best quality product as you attain more ways to save with solar energy.

7. Look into local laws and regulations

Different cities and states may have varying local regulations regarding solar panel installations. This may require you to fill out a form that will be submitted to local authorities for a permit. You may also need to get permission from your utility providers, building managers, etc.

8. Decide what type of solar panels you need

There are various types of solar panels that can help improve your home or business. While they all essentially work to convert solar energy into electricity, the different materials and unique features can make a great difference. As such, you need to know which choice can meet your needs the best.

9. Get everyone onboard 

Once you’re set up and have all the paperwork approved, you can notify everyone about the big change. Prepare and inform them of the installation schedule to ensure everything goes smoothly and avoid accidents. 

It would also be prudent to raise awareness about this renewable energy source and orient them on properly maximizing solar power use. 


Solar Savvy Solutions 

Sustainable solutions have become one of the most popular ways to help reduce production waste and other negative impacts on the environment. As such, businesses worldwide have started to make the switch and rely on solar power as a source of energy. 

Getting solar panel installations for your facility is a worthwhile investment, so it is crucial to know how you make the most out of it. Learn more about how to take advantage of solar panel products with SolarNRG through our installation services.




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